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Wind Power

The us of home wind power is likely to increase dramatically in the coming years. The power of the wind has long been used to drive ships and to power windmills but the future of wind power clearly lies in the generation of clean electricity.

We are getting used to seeing large scale wind farms appearing on the landscape and on these scales the technology is now able to compete with more traditional methods of electricity generation. But what about domestic wind power? Many DIY stores are now stocking wind turbines for home wind power electricity generation but are they cost effective?

Home Wind Turbines

Wind turbines in domestic settings are not yet common place but they are starting to appear. Their popularity is bound to increase as concern about climate change grows and wind turbine technology continues to improve. Residential wind power is something that we have to start taking seriously now.

Do home wind turbines work? In theory, home wind power is possible but there is a number of factors to be aware of before rushing out to buy a wind turbine at your local DIY store.

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